AEP Hybrid Power Products

DCDC converters for ESS and charging batteries.


Normal ultracapacitor behaviour is that the voltage increases while charging and decreases while discharging. The voltage is a direct parameter for the cell’s energy level. From the energy formula of E= ½ CU², we derive that at half cell voltage, 25% of energy remains inside. To get 75% of the energy, the cell voltage decreases from Umax to half the value.

In most applications a constant voltage output is required for the load and a special converter with control electronics is necessary to connect the ultracapacitor energy storage to the load. A reason to use converters is the controlled pre-charging process as ultracapacitors have a very low internal resistance, thus, unsuitable to be directly connected to each other within a system.

  • Power range: 500kW
  • Voltage range: 1200V
  • Air or water cooled
  • Customer specific
  • CAN-Bus interface
Low Voltage DCDC Converter

Bidirectional DCDC converter

Controllable converter for low power ESS or batteries.

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Buck Boost converter

Buck boost converter

Bidirectional DC/DC or AC/DC converter for energy storage system.

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