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Marine Parts - 19 Mar


As a supporter of both Victron products and TU Delft (including ex-students) AEP Pacific is excited to hear that Victron have extended sponsorship to a hard-working team of TU Delft scientists, that are building a solar-powered hydrofoil.

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team was founded, by students, to train engineers by working on a highly innovative and professional project. They also wanted to raise awareness of sustainability in the Maritime sector.

Since the inception of the project in 2005 there has been a new team almost every year who have designed, built and participated in a number of international competitions for Solar Boats using their own project-built craft. 

The 28 student members of the 2019 team have created a unique design, the first ever solar-powered, foiling trimaran. This will be the first ever offshore Solar Boat in the team’s history.  

In addition to the annual Dutch solar boat race at Akkrum, they will be the first Dutch- and the first student-team ever to participate in the Monaco Offshore challenge. This means that they will have to sail 93 km on the open seas, from Monaco to Cannes and back. 

Following this, they will also attempt to set a world record, by being the fastest solar boat ever to cross the English Channel.  

For more information check out their Facebook Page and website.