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Marine Parts - 09 Apr

Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense

To get the best performance out of your battery, you should take the battery temperature and cable voltage drop into account when charging.

Wouldn’t it be great if your solar charger could do that automatically?

It would even be better if you could add this functionality without having to run any wires.

Now you can with the new Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense.

Compatible with all Victron MPPT solar chargers that have a VE.Direct port, the Smart Battery Sense gives you wireless temperature and voltage sensing.

Check out the details here Smart Battery Sense

Marine Parts - 15 Feb

Lotte’s Passion Powers Her to the Olympics

In this hot & muggy Auckland weather I am not sure if watching the Winter Olympics constitutes as a form of torture or not. But, as a company originating from the Netherlands we have been proudly supporting the achievements of the Dutch Speed Skating team. Especially this young lady Lotte van Beek.

In the thrilling Ladies 1500m Olympic Speed Skating event she finished just 0.9s behind the gold medal wining performance by team-mate Ireen Wust.

Lotte is living her ambition to compete at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Skating is my destiny; she says – so we couldn’t be more happy for her.

Lotte is no stranger to success: At the European Single Distances in Kolomna (Rus) she came 1st in both the 1500m; and also in the Team Pursuit. And in 2013 she achieved second place at the World Single Distance Championships 1500m event. And, of course, her brilliant third-place in the 1500m event at Sochi in 2014.

Competition in this sport is absolutely ferocious, and at average speeds of almost 50kmh very few people in the world can keep up with her! A lot depends on the luck of the day – and with just 1/100th of a second separating her from a medal, we know her performance at Pyeongchang will add so much to her experience – as she races toward more world beating performances!

Lotte is sponsored by Victron Energy – we are proud of her, and we are proud to be supporting her Sponsors.

Marine Parts - 19 Jan


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