DC Modular Expert Modular

DC Modular System & Expert Modular Battery Monitor

DC Modular
Protection / Distribution
Due to the ever increasing complexity of electrical DC systems onboard of vehicles or in stationary applications, there is a growing need for a uniform set of products that significantly improves the installation time and flexibility. The TBS DC Modular product range offers a perfect solution for this and contains a wide range of high current busbars, fuse holders and interconnection materials. Compared to more traditional and often incompatible DC distribution products, the DC Modular system offers many benefits.

Expert Modular
Battery Monitor
The DC Modular product range is a perfect companion for the TBS Expert Modular battery monitor. This advanced battery monitor not only shows the true state of charge of your battery system. It also offers a large amount of additional features to optimally supervise your battery system and control external equipment. The Expert Modular footprint fits perfectly into the DC Modular grid, allowing optimal integration with busbars and fuse holders.