AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits

Balmar’s Patented AltMount Serpentine Pulley Kits Facilitate the use of Balmar High Power Alternators
Single Vee pulleys can only support alternator power loads (PTO) of up to 100A for 12V applications (45A for 24V applications). A serpentine pulley provides greater surface contact between the belt and pulley, and thus can accommodate much higher PTO requirements.

• Better Power Transfer
• Reduced Vibration and Belt Dust
• Quieter Motoring

AltMount Second Alternator Kits provide the ability to add a high-output second alternator for increased
charging output from a single engine. These kits are an ideal upgrade for serious cruisers and others who
depend on the propulsion engine for fault tolerance or substantial battery charging needs.