Alternator Accessories

Belt Buddy Universal Adjustment Arm
Reduce your installation time! Many installers rely on the Belt Buddy Universal Adjustment Arm for alternator installations and belt tensioning. Precision cut and power coated for protection from corrosion, the Belt Buddy can be purchased as a kit or by individual component.

Yanmar Installation Hardware Kits
Pre-matched hardware Kits for various Yanmar engines can save time and frustration. 6CX and 6LP kits include the required pulleys.

Offshore Repair Kits
Recommended for cruisers, Balmar’s Offshore Repair Kits ensure that you will be ready if your alternator needs repair. Kits vary by alternator model, but all provide the most commonly needed components, such as bearings, brushes and complete regulator/rectifier assemblies.

Alternator Pulleys, Belts & Mounting Spacers
Balmar offers an extensive selection of pulleys, belts & mounting spacers for its Small, Large and Extra-Large Frame Alternators. Pulley models vary by bore (17mm and .875”), outside diameter, belt width and type, and rear shoulder width. Balmar pulleys are anodized steel, unless otherwise noted.