Balmar Digital Duo Charge: DDC-12/24

For Multi Bank Charging
The Balmar Digital Duo Charge (“DDC”) provides a “hands off” solution for charging two battery banks without the use of problematic isolators or manual battery switches.

• The DDC is a Solid State Battery Combiner
• Control Voltage and Current between House and Start Batteries
• Eliminates the Need for an Isolator, Relay or a Manually Operated Battery Switch
• Used in Concert with Max Charge or ARS-5 Regulators
• Can also be Employed without a Balmar Regulator
• Works in Both 12V and 24V Applications
• House and Start Batteries can be different technologies
• Start Battery Temperature Sensing Available with the MC-TS-B Sensor Cable
• 4 Battery Programs Supported for the Start Battery: Standard Flooded, Deep Cycle Flooded, AGM and Gel Cell