Regulator Accessories

Balmar Temperature Sensor Cables
• Provided with All Alternator/Regulator System Packages
• Interchangeable for 12 Volt and 24 Volt Systems
• For use with either Max Charge or ARS-5 Voltage Regulators
• Battery Sensor can be used with the Digital Duo Charge
• MC-TS-A – Alternator Cable, 137cm Length (also in 203cm length MC-TS-A80)
• MC-TS-B – Battery Cable, 6 m Length (also in 9m length MC-TS-B30)

Balmar Spike Protectors
• Transient Spike Protectors Add System Safety
• Fused Diodes Will Fail Prior to Alternator Diode Damage
• Install Between the Alternator “P” and “N” Terminals
• TSP-12 – 12 Volt, 10A Fuse
• TSP-24 – 24 Volt, 10A Fuse

Balmar Replacement 54” Regulator Wiring Harnesses
All Balmar Regulators can be purchased
with or without a wiring harness.
Replacement wiring harnesses can also
be purchased separately.