SG200 Battery Monitor

Balmar’s Expandable, Next Generation Monitor.

Balmar has combined the best features of its 1st generation SmartgaugeTM with many advantages of a shunt-based amp-hour counting system. Further, they have designed a device architecture which facilitates multiple Displays or multiple SmartShunts to be added to the network-allowing the boater to monitor multiple energy storage banks simultaneously from multiple locations.

In addition, the SG200 Color Display is easy to read, configurable and fits any standard 2 1/16″ gauge socket. Now you can determine your battery(s) condition from anywhere on the vessel or vehicle with multiple Displays, or simply add the optional Bluetooth® Smartphone App to keep information in your pocket!

Balmar has released two product extensions to provide buyers with more purchase options in a single part number.

For those who want to view their battery information exclusively on their smartphone, the SG205 contains the Bluetooth® Gateway but not the Color Display. Costing less than the SG200 unit.

For those who want both the Color Display and Smartphone App, the SG210 contains both output devices. The SG210 contents were previously available by purchasing the SG200 and SG2-0300 (Bluetooth® Gateway) separately.