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Balmar SmartReady Technology for Yanmar engines equipped with Valeo Alternator. Now Yanmar Owners can add Balmar Smart Regulation without Disposing of the Valeo 120A/12V Alternator Present on Recent Production Engines

A Simple Retrofit of the Valeo Alternator Converts the Valeo to AcceptBalmar’s Famous Multi-Stage External Regulators

Datasheet: Balmar SmartReady Kits

Part NumberDescriptionContents
30-SR12-02SmartReady Retrofit Kit OnlyInternal Regulator Retrofit and Replacement Cover
MC-614-VL-01Max Charge Kit (12V)30-SR12-02, MC-614 Regulator and Temp Sensor Cables
MC-624-VL-01 *Max Charge Kit (24V)30-SR12-02, MC-624 Regulator and Temp Sensor Cables
  • MC-624-VL-01 (24V Version) is not Smart ready