AEP Linac Products

Thyratron high-power electrical switches used in various applications but mainly for radiotherapy purposes.

e2v Thyratron CX1154L

e2v CX1154L Thyratron

Peak Anode Voltage: 35 kV
Peak Current: 3 kA
Maximum Average Current: 2 A

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e2v Thyratron 8503K

e2v 8503K Thyratron

Replacement for the 8503AG
Peak Anode Voltage: 20 kV
Peak Current: 0.325 kA
Maximum Average Current: 0.5 A

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e2v Thyratron CX1159G

e2v CX1159G Thyratron

Replacement of the CX1159
Peak Anode Voltage: 33 kV
Peak Current: 1 kA
Maximum Average Current: 1.25 A

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Thyratron Accessoires

Overview of accessories for different Thyratrons.

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