AEP Marine Parts Products

EEV marine magnetrons, limiters, LNFE and circulators for navigation and VTS radar

EEV MG4004 10kW X-band Radar Magnetron

EEV Marine Magnetrons

EEV Marine pulsed magnetrons by e2v Technologies for virtually every marine navigation radar model of every brand. Covering the range of 4 - 30 kW in X-band and 5 - 60 kW in S-band.

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e2v x-band radar limiter


e2v technologies manufacture a broad range of receiver protectors in all radar frequency bands from 1.25 to 40 GHz. The high power waveguide devices specified below are divided into two..

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e2v B3RX1612 LNFE

Low Noise Front End

Use a front-end as a radar component and you can receive S- and X-band frequencies ranges with one application.
Efficiency in use of the EEV radar system
e2v technologies Ltd. developed..

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e2v technologies manufacture Ferrite Devices operation from 350 MHz to 120 GHz, for a wide variety of applications from low cost marine radar to state-of-the-art military devices. Standard units are..

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VTS Magnetrons

VTS Magnetrons are meant for radar systems used in:

Coastal Surveillance
Vessel Traffic Systems
Ground Movement on airports

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Test and Performance

Noise generators
Performance monitors

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