About us

When a ship has issues with its radar, it may not be able to leave port.
So when you need components to carry out service on a radar, you need the right component and you need it fast.

It is for this reason that AEP use warehouses around the world at strategically chosen locations. Here we stock all common EEV marine radar magnetrons and components manufactured by e2v Technologies.

We know this business like no other: for over 35 years we have been providing the marine servicing industry with magnetrons and components from e2v Technologies, the last 15 years of those as the sole world-wide distributor.

AEP Pacific is the Auckland office of AEP. We look after Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Our stock holdings are located in Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

In addition to EEV marine magnetrons and components, we stock a range of power conversion equipment and components regularly used by marine electronics servicing companies.