6-Series Alternators

Designed for Recreational Applications
Balmar 6-Series Alternators deliver high-output performance in a compact, small-case package. They are available in all four common mounting configurations and four pulley Designations. 6-Series alternators can solve a multitude of charging issues at a reasonable price:

• Balmar’s Top Selling Alternator Line
• 70A, 100A and 120A Versions
• Patented Smart Ready Technology
• Dual Fan Cooling
• High Airflow Frame
• Maximum RPM: 12,000
• USCG Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Compliant
• Ideal for Modest Charging Upgrades
• Pulley Designations: “SV” = 1/2″ Single Vee, “DV” = 1/2″ Dual Vee, “K6” = K6 Serpentine, “J10” = J10 Serpentine.